Coaching and Personal Consultancy

Carrie O'Connor


Personal consultancy is the name given to a new type of coaching, a framework that combines a transformative coaching style with a therapeutic approach. In practice this means that I can work with the whole of you; all of your experience, thoughts and feelings, your past, present and hopes for the future. Nothing is 'off-limits'.


As a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a counsellor working in private practice, as well as a Senior Coach Practitioner, qualified by an accredited European Mentoring and Coaching council (EMCC) advanced post-graduate diploma;  I am comfortable supporting clients to improve all aspects of their lives.


My clients often tell me that it takes courage and commitment to begin coaching. When I ask them why that is, they say "because you never know what's going to come out". Understanding their apprehensions has led me to believe that the personal consultancy model best suits the needs of my clients. Not because my clients come with secrets they don't want to reveal, not because my clients are broken and need fixing, but rather that when you jump into coaching you really don't know how deep the water might be. As we jump in together you can be confident that I can support you no matter how deep the water. Real transformation rarely comes from paddling in the shallows, often the reason why change is needed or desirable lies beneath the surface.


Personal Consultancy is best suited as a model for coaching professional leaders or as a 'life-coaching' tool for mere mortals (everyone else!). My approach draws on my experience in business and as a counsellor and coach. I can challenge you to discover your authentic self and purpose, to build your personal and professional resources and to support you in meeting challenges from a position of growth and abundance.


As a professional leader you might choose me as your coach if you:


  • are a leader at the top of your game, striving for optimal performance while maintaining balance and integrity

  • feel isolated professionally and lack the support and challenge to develop and grow your potential

  • feel like an imposter in your leadership role and yearn to find your authentic voice and presence

  • are personally experiencing, or are leading others, through a period of considerable change and seek support to maintain clarity and purpose in the moments of, sometimes overwhelming, doubt and uncertainty


For 'life-coaching' you might choose me as your coach if you:


  • feel unsatisfied with life and seek the supportive challenge to drive you towards finding fulfillment and sustained change

  • are going through a life-transition that offers the challenge and opportunity for fresh thinking and a new approach

Personal Consultancy

A client's experience:


"It is helpful to be able to articulate my thoughts to a knowledgeable, supportive, non-judgemental person who also contributes insights and steering questions. Carrie treads this line very well, and it seems to come naturally to her: I never feel as if I am being told what I should do, but neither am I left doing all the work!"   Secondary School Principal "