Coaching and Personal Consultancy

Carrie O'Connor


New Business start-ups

Starting up a new business can be exciting and terrifying in equal measure. Working with a business coach who can challenge and support you can make all the difference to the success of your business and its speed to profitability.  


You may be at the point where you know exactly what it is you want to do and are looking for a coach to challenge you to stay focused and true to your vision, or you may still be dreaming of your future business and need someone to help ignite your creativity and articulate your plan. Either way, you will also need someone who can build your resilience to face the challenges ahead with optimisim and confidence.


True business coaches are not the same as business mentors (experts in their field who can be invaluable resources of practical advice), rather a business coach challenges you to find the answers for yourself, to create and own your own vision and to work hard to bring it into reality. As your coach I want to encourage you to 'do it your way'.  After all, innovation comes from trying something new or better, finding a new solution for unarticulated needs or a better way of meeting existing needs. New business start-ups are, by their very nature, concerned with innovation. Helping you to be clear on what that means for you is a fundamental element of my coaching work.  



A client's experience:


"Our sessions with Carrie were so helful I'm not sure how we could have got through the time without her support. There were times we doubted ourselved, our abilities and our direction, but after a session with Carrie we always felt renewed enthusiasm, confidence and certainty that we were doing the right thing. In every session Carrie raised probing questions and made insightful observations about both the process, our beliefs that were potentially helping/hindering us and our approach. This helped us generate plenty of actionable ideas together and helped us avoid getting overwhelmed or distracted.

Carrie has helped us believe in ourselves and has been by our sides coaching and supporting us in every step as we planned and launched our business. After 18 years we have been able to break free of the security (and confines) of the corporate 9-5 world and find the freedom we have been seeking. There were times when doubts kicked in and we could easily have fallen back on what we saw as safe and familiar had we not had Carrie's support through this life changing time."  Husband and wife team: Digital Marketing Innovators.