Coaching and Personal Consultancy

Carrie O'Connor


Career transition coaching

Having made a huge career change, to re-train as a therapist and coach, after nearly 20 years working at director level for a global recruitment firm, I understand the significance of making such a monumental decision. The impact on you, your family, your work-life balace, your finances, your outlook on life, even your happiness can all hinge on getting it right. Often the fear of getting it wrong doesn't even allow us to peer into the mist and imagine what might be around the corner.


Career transition coaching offers you the space to think freely and without limitations. It is right for you if you feel 'stuck in a rut', unmotivated or uninspired by your current career and would like to consider new possibilities.


Sometimes rather than doing something new we need to think about things in a new way, thus re-igniting our passion for where we are. Sometimes only a complete change of direction will satisfy us. Coaching helps you to work out what is right for you and then, practically, what you can do about it.


My role is to walk with you into the mist, helping you to take each step as you begin to see things more clearly. By the end of our time working together you should be 'un-stuck', feel motivated and inspired and have a plan for how to take things forward.


Career coaching sessions typically last 90 minutes and most clients come for 3 or 4 sessions over a number of weeks, however, there are no rules and we can work in whatever way best suits your needs. For more information on how I work and my style of coaching, please visit the "About me" page.



A client's experience:


"I took so much from our work together and I think you gave me the insight and clarity I needed to make a move. I absolutely smashed the job search and had four incredible offers on the table with companies that ticked all the boxes. I have decided to try something completely new and have moved into an area where I can work with people who share my values. I just wanted to say thank you again for working with/on me!" Senior Manager